Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago, 2013

Developmental Psychology, Statistics

M.A., Loyola University Chicago, 2009

Developmental Psychology, Statistics

B.S., Loyola University Chicago, 2006

Psychology, Fine Arts

Representative Publications:

Davidson, D., Rainey, V. R., Vanegas, S. B., & Hilvert, E. (2017). The effects of type of instruction, animacy cues, and dimensionality of objects on the shape bias in 3- to 6-year-old children. Infant and Child Development.

Rainey, V. R., Flores-Lamb, V., & Gjorgieva, E. (2016). Cognitive, socioemotional, and developmental neuroscience perspectives on language brokering. In R. S. Weisskirch (Ed.), Language brokering in immigrant families: Theories and Contexts. New York, NY: Routledge/Psychology Press/Taylor and Francis Publishers.

Rainey, V. R., Davidson, D., & Li-Grining, C. (2015). Executive functions as predictors of syntactic awareness in English monolingual and English-Spanish bilingual language brokers and nonbrokers. Applied Psycholinguistics, 37, 963-995.

Rainey, V. R., Flores, V., Morrison, R. G., David, E. J. R., & Silton, R. L. (2014). Mental health risk factors associated with childhood language brokering. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 35, 463-478.

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Davidson, D., Raschke, V. R., & Pervez, J. (2010). Syntactic awareness in young monolingual and bilingual (Urdu-English) children. Cognitive Development, 25, 166-182.