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EEG is a non-invasive procedure using a cap that looks like a swim cap. We use a small amount of gel on your scalp to help amplify your brain waves to our computers. It doesn't hurt, and we can show you the brain waves when you are done!

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If you are interested in being a research assistant in the Cognitive Development Lab, please fill out this research assistant application. The following are qualifications for this lab:

·      GPA minimum of 3.2 (exceptions to this can be demonstrated through a strong track record of performance in recent semesters   and in your psychology courses)

·      Research Methods I completed and passed with an A (Research Methods II preferred as well)

·      Statistics completed and passed with a B+ or better

·      A strong interest in the current activities in the lab

·      At least 6 hours per week to dedicate to lab activities

·      Ability to work on unstructured activities

·      Initiative and problem-solving skills

If accepted into the lab, you may volunteer or sign up for a Directed Study or series of Directed Studies to obtain college credits. Research assistants will engage in a wide variety of lab activities, including literature reviews, testing of participants, and analyzing data. Those signing up for a Directed Study will earn 3 credit hours per semester, requiring 6 hours per week in the lab. Students are encouraged to present findings at the UWF student symposium and at research conferences.