Lab Members

Toni Bellino (Psychology undergraduate OUR Works student; post-bac lab member)

Kayleigh Roberson (Psychology Undergraduate Research Assistant)

Hudson Barthes (I/O Psychology Graduate Student)

Elizabeth Black (Psychology Undergraduate Student)

Nic Fenger (Psychology Undergraduate Student)

Lamb Ngafeeson (Psychology Undergraduate FYRE Student)

Ashley Martin (Undergraduate EEG Collaborative Researcher)

Where are lab members today?

Ashli Barnes (graduate student in School Psychology at the University of Denver)

Eden Belanger (student at UC Davis)

Margeaux Donovan Gibson, M.A. (owner at Margeaux Donovan Gibson, M.A., therapy services)

Ernest Drinkwater & Yasmine Nabulski (EEG Technicians at the Anchor Clinic:

Anasuya Gutierrez, MSW (Counselor at PACE Center for Girls)

Ali McRae (Graduate Student in ABA Therapy at UWF)

Jessica Mizrahi (Graduate Student in Counseling Psychology at Florida International University)

Rachel Moore (Recent Graduate of Licensed Mental Health Counseling Program at UWF)

T'kara Mullins (Adjunct Instructor at UWF)

Claney Outzen (Lab Coordinator at Purdue University)

James Pimentel (graduate Social Work program at UWF)

Arielle Ramey (Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator at Stanford)

Emmett Speed (PhD student at Utah State University in the Educational Neuroscience Program)

Sonia Yanovsky (PhD student at Stony Brook University in Political Science, Psychology)

Lab Alumni:

Jamie Adkinson

Sam Alston

Scott Baker

Ashli Barnes

Eden Belanger

Dillon Berry

Delaney Diehl

Maylin DiRienzo (Psychology Undergraduate Excellence Award 2015; Summer Undergraduate Research Program Recipient 2015)

Ernest Drinkwater

Tiana Kaestner

Ali McRae (Psychology BA Outstanding Student Award 2019)

Jessica Mizrahi (intern)

Rachel Moore

T'kara Mullins

Claney Outzen

Yasmine Nabulsi

Emily Palmier

James Pimentel

Arielle Ramey

Melissa Sandino

Liz Shin

Emmett Speed (Best Undergraduate Psychology Poster-Student Scholar Symposium 2016; 2nd Place Undergraduate Psychology Poster   

College of Health-Student Scholar Symposium 2016) 

Lindsey Telles

Gabrielle Thomas

Kyle Weichman (Psychology Outstanding Graduate Student Award 2015; UWF Graduate Research Assistantship Recipient)

Sonia Yanovsky