Socioeconomic Status and Language Environment in Early Childhood

In a longitudinal study with over 250 families, we are examining the link between socioeconomic status (i.e., family income level, parent education) and children's language environments. Most importantly, we are attempting to understand what interactions/parenting styles in the home mediate the link between lower socioeconomic status and lower quality talk in the home. 

Neurodiversity in the College Classroom

We are currently examining sensory impairments related to ADHD and Autism that may affect performance in the college classroom. One line of this research is establishing links between sensory overload and aspects of the classroom environment. Another line of research is examining the processing (flash visual evoked potential) of visual stimuli in students with Autism (particularly those with sensory sensitivities) using EEG.

For participants in the study: EEG is a non-invasive procedure using a cap that looks like a swim cap. We use a small amount of gel on your scalp to help amplify your brain waves to our computers. It doesn't hurt, and we can show you the brain waves when you are done!