Socioeconomic Status and Language Environment in Early Childhood

In this longitudinal study with over 250 families, we are examining the link between socioeconomic status (i.e., family income level, parent education) and children's language environments and expressive language abilities. Most importantly, we are attempting to understand what interactions/parenting styles in the home mediate the link between lower socioeconomic status and lower quality talk in the home. We are currently examining the early childhood years. The purpose of this research is to help create targeted interventions for lower SES families to increase the home language environment.

Executive Function Development

In this project, we are investigating the link between executive functioning ability and adaptive behaviors using event-related potentials (ERPs). In the initial stages of this project, we are testing a newly developed Stroop paradigm (proactive and reactive control) with typical adults. This will eventually be extended to parents to understand connections to parenting styles.